The Artwork of Steve A. Roberts
When searching for an artist that could capture the world of Elvana for The Snowtear Wars series, Scot R. Stone
discovered the world of Steve A. Roberts. "His work is beautiful and intelligent, a tribute to the realm of superior fantasy
art," Stone says when describing Steve's work. "Steve has surpassed my expectations each time he has completed a cover
for one of my novels." Fans have not only come to enjoy the story of the series Stone writes, but also the package it
comes in. "My goal is to give the reader something they don't want to give up. There are few books that I have that I truly
cherish. A lot can be said about authors and publishers if they put out a quality product-- inside and out. There are many
stories that die in the marketplace, simply because they do not have the proper representation for the story on the cover."
An accomplished illustrator, Steve's artwork can
be seen on fantasy novels, RPG game cards and
covers. He has created art for leading jigsaw
puzzle publishers, magazines, and the greeting
card industry. Steve's work is always a
standout, his grasp of color and composition
enables him to bring a story to life with the
magic and wonder that only an artist with the
unique vision and skill of Steve A Roberts can

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