My Apologies

Wow, it has been such a long time since I last posted. But, it has been for a very good reason. My mother-in-law developed brain cancer, and ended up moving in with us. I had to refinish my entire basement to make it into an apartment. She found out she had it when she lost part of her vision in one eye. The tumor was pressing on her optic nerve. She unfortunately has not regained that part of her vision since the surgery. After what seemed like an endless stream of chemo therapy and other doctor appointments, it has eaten up much of our time. Taking care of the sick and elderly is never easy, and it has sapped a lot of my energy. The great news is, my mother-in-law is now cancer free and is bouncing back. So, all in all, great news, and maybe now I can get back to my writing.

Wood cutting season is over, too, so that also helps. :)

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