Cartoons are not what they once were…

It always make me laugh when I hear people waving cartoons off when it comes to handing out compliments. It’s almost as if they won’t allow themselves to like a cartoon, because it’s animation. The concept is similar to not liking a song because it’s in a certain genre, or a book for the same reason. Personally, I don’t work that way. I like something based on the work itself, not because it’s grouped in a specific category.

Today’s animation is not like the animation of thirty years ago. People need to understand this when it comes to choosing which movie to watch. The plot lines are just as intricate as they are in any other live action movie. I was watching Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph the other day. It’s plot was brilliant and well constructed. As a writer, I can no longer watch a movie just for fun. Writing has changed that in me. I can’t help but contemplate how stories are put together. And, as I said before, the cartoons of today are so much more advanced than the ones of yesteryear. Writers for animation don’t get nearly enough credit for all the work they do.

Part of the problem, also, I think, is that people have a hard time separating Saturday morning cartoons from movie cartoons in their mind. Cartoons on the movie screen, more times than naught, will have a much higher quality because a lot more money is being funneled into them. To these people. a cartoon is a cartoon, no matter where you see it.

Also, I do think people have a fear factor of being judged, when with friends, if they were to choose a cartoon over a regular movie. They want to be taken “seriously” as an adult, so that would logically mean always going with the regular movie first. It’s a shame how easily some people let others manipulate them over such trivial things.

But not all cartoons released in the movie theater are better than the one’s on Saturday morning. Just as not all movies are better than your weekday night sitcom shows. This is where it all comes back to the product itself. Judge the product for the product, not because of what category it falls into.

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