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Back from the Beach

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

The family and I just got back from a week’s vacation at Topsail Beach, NC. The weather was warm, in the 70’s. Got a lot of rest and relaxation, to say the least. Only had one day of rain. On that day we went to an aquarium, which we planned to do anyway. Time to get back to editing and writing!

Amazon Kindle

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Kindle is slowly growing in popularity. The nice thing is, you can download a new book the instant it’s released. Imagine not standing in line to get J.K. Rowling’s latest and greatest. And it’s cheaper than a new hardback. The biggest thing it has against it, though, is it’s form. Holding a machine to read a story doesn’t have the same comfy feel as holding a book. However, I think it’s a great step in the “going green” revolution. Think how many trees will be saved. On the other hand, more carbon dioxide will be produced as a result of the machines. Well, it’s better to have more trees in the end, I think, for a greener world. I have yet to get a Kindle. The problem is, I do far more writing than reading, so it’s not cost effective for me at this time.

Radio Waves: From Another Universe

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Apparently an object in a nearby galaxy is producing radio waves. Astrophysicists are perplexed by this enigma. The weirder thing is, it’s moving at four times the speed of light and is being compared to a ‘microquasar’, which is formed after a massive star explodes, leaving behind a black hole.

It first appeared in May of 2009. It doesn’t fit the pattern of radio emissions from a supernova, which usually gets brighter over a few weeks and then fades to nothing. This new source is emitting a steady transmission. Whatever it is, it’s new to us.

Review: How to Train Your Dragon

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Simply put, this was the best animated movie I have seen since Monsters Inc. I give it a full 10 out of 10.

The images are fantastic, the jokes fun, and the ending has a surprising twist I didn’t expect. As for the storyline, it was okay, pretty average, and not as inventive as Monsters Inc., but it certainly didn’t make me stop enjoying the heck out of it. My kids couldn’t stop commenting on every little thing while they were watching the movie. Good things the theater wasn’t full. And the other people that were there were also commenting here and there, so no biggie. The dragons are the best part, and there are a lot more varieties in it than I ever expected there to be. I really only thought there would only be two or three kinds, but the movie goes well beyond that, and explains a little about many of them. You will not be disappointed, and it is worth it to see in the theater.


Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Many people ask me where I get my inspirations from when it come to my books. Simply, everywhere. I got the idea for the snowtear flower from a garden magazine.  I needed a central theme, and started looking in all media, and at everything around me. You never know what’s going to trigger an idea, a character, a plot line or a scene. I just have to make sure I write them down when they do come to me! I create names from maps, telephone books or just by combing words. It’s all part of the creative process. You just have to make sure that what you do use, sounds authentic, as if it would really exist. Don’t make your names too outlandish, your characters’ actions unbelievable, or your scenes too foriegn. Readers have to be able to relate, and need to be drawn in to keep reading.

A Glimpse of Nessie?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Here is one of my all-time favorite monster links. There are six videos on this page. The second one down on the left-hand side is the best! It’s titled, “Nessie Showed Up.” Have fun. I can’t get enough of that video! Let me know your thoughts…


Chains, Chains, Everywhere there are Chains

Friday, April 9th, 2010

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed it, but one certain prop tends to make a regular appearance in science fiction movies: dangling chains. I mean, they look cool, but when you start to think about it, what the heck are they doing just hanging there? What could they possibly be for? If anything, they’re a hazard you could walk into when you’re just going to get a cup of coffee.

Food Junkie

Friday, April 9th, 2010


Eat them up, yum.











I’m a food junkie when I write or edit books. It helps me think. The trick is to not get crumbs down inside my keyboard! I usually like to snack on peanut butter cups, reeses pieces, sunflower seeds or popcorn. It’s all good. 

Wood Cutting Season is Here

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010










Ah. It’s that time of year already. Have to drop some dead trees, cut ‘em up, spilt ‘em and stack ‘em. Last year I did sixteen cords. Then I put a new roof in. Now I only have to do eight this year. Yay! My roof, as I came to find out after I purchased the house, had no sheathing underneath the metal. Talk about a hazard for rain leaks and cold leaks.

Tightening the Screws

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

So, many of you are probably wondering what I’m working on right now. Well, now that The Snowtear Wars can be shopped to a bigger publisher, I need to dust it off and tighten the screws on it. I’ve added one new scene to The Chimes of Yawrana, but have done a lot of additional editing to clean it up for the big time. In a lot of ways, the book has a fresh, new feel to it.

I’m working on Book 2 now, Ice Shadows. Hopefully it will be ready in a few weeks. Then I will move on to re-editing some of my stand alone books. It takes a while to learn all the things you need to watch out for when editing your books. It’s not just simply about writing a great story and putting it out there. The editing is crucial in any book, movie or other form of media in order to turn out a quality product. You just have to learn to train your eyes to look for the problems.

It seems like this is my editing year. I want to go through every one of novels and get them to the best quality possible. Then I can move on to writing something new!