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Pictured above is fantasy author Scot R. Stone in his backyard. His
greyhound, Jada, had been digging near their back fence when she
suddenly yelped. Scot rushed over and saw a partially emerged skull that
she had pricked herself on. Using a shovel and pick axe, he unearthed the
remainder of the skull to find an entire dragul skull intact! Most scientists
believed dragul skulls to only exist on the distant world of Elvana -- until
now. The discovery is expected to greatly impact the archeology
community, and has given hope to many that there may be more out
there. How the skull got here is a mystery. However, the author believes
the dragul could have passed through a time or world portal of some kind.
Stone was elated with the find, stating, "I am truly a lucky individual
today. I'm not going to sell the skull ... for any price." Stone says he plans
to sit the skull next to his writing station to give him inspiration for future
fantasy novels.