Welcome to the Contests Page!
May, 2013 ~ Scot is giving away 2 more free signed copies of
Book 1 of The Snowtear Wars, The Chimes of Yawrana!
Contest Rules:

1) Send entry to the following email address:
2) In the subject line put "Chimes Book Giveaway"
3) In the body of the e-mail put only your full name. Your
address will not be needed unless you win.
4) The winner will win only one of the two posters being
given away. If you have won an item from Scot's website
within the last four months, you will not be eligible to
enter. You may have the poster made out to whomever
you wish.
5) The drawing will take place on May 31st, 2013.
Winners will be notified soon thereafter, and first names,
city location and state location of the winners will be
announced. Last names and street addresses will not be
shared on any of Scot's website locations for privacy
reasons. Good luck!