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How to Make Things Satisfying for You and Your Partner

Satisfying sex is not just about technique, it is more than that. You and your partner might be very skilled in lovemaking but still do not get satisfied. Below are some tips to ensure that you both are satisfied during your lovemaking experiences.

Secure a connection

The two of you must secure each other emotionally. Once the two of you have decided on the act, you should be in a position to relax and let everything else go, and then fully immerse yourselves in the world of pleasure. Let yourself feel free and open to fully connect through your intimacy. What you achieve by doing this is the two of you will be in a position to talk freely about anything without getting even a little bit embarrassed.

Intimate knowing

This can be achieved only by confiding in each other’s emotions and sexual needs. Such emotional needs might include soothing, affirming, affection, touching, understanding, reassuring and comfort. Your adult partner should be in a position to share these with you even outside your bedroom. At least find time in the evening to ask your partner about how his or her day was. You can also go deeper and talk about your sexual needs. By doing this, you will be in a position to know what your partner likes and dislikes. What positions are comfortable for his or her and which positions are not. This will enable the two of you to have a healthy sex life.

Empathic attunement

This means to focus on each other during the act of sex. This is basically paying attention to your partner’s nonverbal cues, as often this really tells you what your partner is into. Even when people think they have told you what they really want and like, you may be surprised to stumble onto new little tidbits of satisfaction. This will enable the two of you to enjoy your sex life which is the core goal here. However, as you pay attention to his or her cues, you should also pay attention to your own needs and communicate them effectively to your partner.

By following the above secrets, it is guaranteed that you will have a satisfying sex life, but this cannot be achieved if you have a lot of stress, you are under medication or have some health issues. The two of you should have some kind of connection as well because discord in a relationship can also have a negative impact on satisfaction.

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