E-release for Book 4 of
The Snowtear Wars is Here!
Local Author Goes Digital with E-book Publishing

     Fantasy author Scot R. Stone, author of The Snowtear Wars, has announced
the release of his fourth novel in the series, The Mirrors of Methalis. The book will
first be available as an e-book and can be downloaded to Amazon Kindle and
Barnes & Noble Nook e-reading devices.  
     Stone is a graduate of Arcadia High School, and Winona State University in
Minnesota. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in 1994 in Advertising and moved to
Colorado, where he worked seven years for a 9-1-1 company named Intrado. “The
positions I held there were rewarding, and so were the friendships I made with the
people I worked with,” Stone says. But as rewarding as they were, he says the
hours and challenges each position brought began to wear on him physically and
emotionally. “I didn’t feel I was doing what I was supposed to be. I started doing
some soul-searching to figure what it was I wanted out of life, which led me to
writing.” And so he began his journey as author twelve years ago.
     At first, learning the industry was a challenge, he admitted. Just writing the book
was only the beginning. Getting an agent, a publisher, learning how to edit your
work and then how to promote it, all took countless hours of research and devotion.
In some ways, it was just as draining on him as his previous work, only this time, he
was having fun doing it. “Writing I feel is my calling. I love the creation process
more than anything, and then developing my stories into spell-binding adventures.” I
wrote for two years in my spare time, until my wife and I had our first child.” From
that point on, Stone said, something had to change.
     “My wife and I don’t believe in daycare. We wanted to raise our children at
home.” Since his writing career was beginning to take off, he and his wife decided
he should be the one to resign. “I loved it. I had the best of both worlds,” he boasts.
“When my daughter slept, I wrote. It was perfect, well, almost. A few years later,
we decided to change our lifestyle again by adopting a second child and moving to
the country. We always wanted to own land and have a farm, which happens to be
a writing great environment for any author.” Stone’s wife began to look for work in
Vermont, where they once honeymooned. It didn’t take long before she found a
new job in St. Johnsbury. Away they went, and to this day still reside there.
     His writing hasn’t slowed down one bit since his move. “You can’t take
anything for granted when it comes to the publishing industry. You have to
constantly keep your foot on the gas. You are your own boss, so if you stop, so
does your momentum.  There’s too much competition in the industry to go about it
casually. If you want to rise to the top, you have to keep plugging away, every day.
     When success does happen, such as with the release of his latest novel, he takes
a week off to savor the victory. “The process of preparing a novel for publication is
exhausting, but rewarding. You need to recognize those special moments and enjoy
them. It helps clear your mind for the next mountain you want to climb.”
Like his fourth novel, the fifth and final installment of The Snowtear Wars, The
Elements of the Enclave, will also begin as an e-book, and will be released later this
fall. E-publishing is the wave of the future, Stone believes, even though he has been
printed by a traditional publisher. “Printed books will still have their niche, but in
time I believe they’ll be outdated and everyone will be more in tune with saving
trees to help the environment. E-reading device sales are already soaring, and any
consumer can get a book in an instant instead of having to take the time go down to
the store and burn gas while doing it.  The society we live in is about having things
right now to achieve instant gratification. Not having your item available digitally
could determine whether your book is going to be a hit or not. Plus, digital files are
so much cheaper than printed books, making it affordable for customers, especially
avid readers.”
To help with online promotions, Stone has a website (www.scotrstone.com) with a
blog, a Twitter account (Scot R. Stone), and an author Facebook page (Scot R.
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