About Scot R. Stone

    "If you aren't prepared to approach this profession like it’s a real job, then reconsider what
you're about to do," Scot warns. "The bulk of new authors entering the writing world have rose-
colored glasses. Once the realization of how hard it is to survive in this field hits them, bitter
feelings could be left on the table. You should have fun writing, always. However, there comes a
time when you have to face the music and look at your work with a critical eye. Criticism is the
biggest lump writers have the hardest time with. I've seen many give up because they think their
work is perfect as it already is. The best advice I can give to avoid this downfall is to put your
work away for a few months after you've written it and then come back and see if it was as good
as you thought it was before. I think most would be surprised that it isn't. You learn so much
from one year to the next that it's staggering. You have to give yourself a chance to grow, to
become better."
  Scot says he has adapted well and used what he's learned to make him stronger. "The statistics
of a writer having a successful career doesn't bode well for the majority. It's a tough business,
like any other, so you have to go into it with a level head and make good, sound decisions. One
wrong mistake can set you back years, if you're not careful. Do the research, but have fun
  And that's exactly what Scot has done. The first book in
The Snowtear Wars series, The
Chimes of Yawrana
, was first released in April, 2004, by a print-on-demand company, and has
received five-star reviews from professional reviewers and fans of all ages. Next, Scot quickly
migrated away from PODs and signed his entire series on with a traditional press, Behler
Publications, who did a decent job with the first three novels.
The Chimes of Yawrana was
rereleased in February, 2007 in a new edition by Behler. New York Times best selling fantasy
author T.A. Barron (The Great Tree of Avalon series, The Lost Years of Merlin epic) has taken
an interest in Scot's work, saying, "Once you enter Scot Stone's marvelous world, you'll return
often and gladly." Stone says it's great to have an author like Barron in your corner, supporting
your work. It makes others sit up and take notice of you. Barron knows how much work goes
into each book, including the marketing for it.
  And like Barron, Stone appreciates everything he's learned, and doesn't look back. "You must
always be focused on the next project and how to achieve your goals. You always want to keep
improving and surpassing your previous marks. It's the only way to get better."
  Recently, Scot sold over a hundred and forty copies of his books at just one signing. His fan
base is growing by leaps and bounds, and those who are taking the time to read his work are
spreading the word. "Overall, people have been very satisfied with the series and are
recommending it to others, or passing their copies along. That's a huge compliment coming from
any fan." Stone also knows it's how fantasy greats like J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien came to
be famous.
  From a fulfillment standpoint, the work brings Scot many rewards. His goal is to build a
lifetime of work that people will come to enjoy for a long time. "I'm in this for the long haul,"
Stone admits. "I've realized this is what I was meant to do in this lifetime. People tell me how
late they stay up into the night reading my books because they can't put them down. How can an
author not smile when he knows he's made an impact on a reader's life?"
  Scot's second book, The Ice Shadows of Arna, was released in August, 2005 by Behler
Publications. It also opened to good reviews, and many fans believe it built upon the solid
foundation of the first book, giving readers much more to dive into as they continue to explore
the world of Elvana. Most fans tell Stone they can't decide which character they love the most.
Book 3, The Hollows of Candlewick, was released on August 21, 2007. Reviews trickled in,
and again were positive. "This book starts to explain some of the events that occurred in Books
One and Two," he says. "It has a shocker ending, too, which will catch many readers off guard."
That's not easy to do, as most writers will tell you. "One of the marks of a good writer is the
ability to leave subtle clues foreshadowing a major event without revealing what that event's
going to be. This book will also mark a major turning point in the fight for the snowtears."
Since the release of the first three novels, Scot unfortunately had to part ways with Behler
Publications. “Behler was moving out of the fantasy novel market and more into general fiction.
It no longer became a good match for either side. I appreciate the time I spent at Behler. They
helped me grow as an author in many ways, and I made some great friends along the way. The
important thing is, I learned a great deal during the time I spent with them.”
 Scot is no longer with Behler Publications. "Unfortunately," he said, "our ideas of how the last
two novels in the series should be published went in opposite directions. There are no hard
feelings, though. Sometimes it's best to pick up and move on." The first three novels in Stone's
series are now available as e-books for Kindle and Nook e-readers through Amazon.com and
Barnes and Noble.com. "Digital publishing is the future of this business," Stone added.
"Everyone will be published this way in the future. Printed copies will become strictly print-on-
demand. That is great for saving trees and cutting out wasted paper. This is the future."
  Book 4, The Mirrors of Methalis will be e-published in 2012. Scot believes it will even top
the last three. "Secrets are revealed that have been withheld up to this point. This book also has a
dramatic ending."
Book Five, The Elements of the Enclave also has been completed and will also be e-
published by the fourth quarter of 2012. "It was a breath of fresh air to type in that last line,
knowing I had finally reached the end. It always takes longer than you think it will to push a
book through the process. The wait will be worth it once the fans are allowed to reach the end of
the series. It's been a long journey, but it's been an enlightening one."
  In addition, Scot has written a Christmas novel,
Stroke of Midnight Toys, and an adventure
novel revolving around a group of animal friends,
The Worst Book Imaginable. Both novels
are currenly being shopped by his agent, but he believes they will soon find a home. Scot has
even taken a stab at writing a childrens books,
Kitty Doesn't Like Me and Superstitious Steve
and the Unlucky Penny
, which are also being shopped.
The Snowtear Wars, he is already laying the groundwork for a brand new fantasy
series. He has already started writing the first book. The new series, he predicts, will comprise of
at least three books. He even has the titles and subtitles picked out for the series already. He's
been busy, to say the least.
He says to the fans of
The Snowtear Wars though, to not lose heart. He vows to come back to
the characters in the world of Elvana at some point in the future. "I love Elvana way too much to
walk away from it for good yet. There will be more adventures for those characters."
  Be sure to watch for Scot's newsletters in your e-mail and keep up on his blog to stay in tune
with his progress on all his new projects!